• Gabriel

    Nice trainer! Works on my computer!! Great job! Thanks!

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    I like the idea of this trainer! TY!

  • Jerome Holiman

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • greg_bermea

    this is fun and most importantly free. coooolllll!

  • Lynnfaughnan

    This game is fun and addictive. Thank you for providing basic steps to follow.

  • gerald_cab

    You guys are the best, seriously. Can’t wait to play ^^

  • element11

    Awesome, as always.

  • saveArt

    Thanks fellas.

  • Isaiah Casebolt

    Safe and working trainer so far for shadow of mordor! Thanks!

  • Ross June

    Great to have found this!

  • Jordan Torak

    Merci !

  • Dylan

    Now playing it regularly. Good job!

  • Raleigh Manwaring

    Love this trainer !!!

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    Finally a working trainer for this game!! Thanks a lot !!

  • RyanVader214

    Best and working trainer for shadow of mordor!

  • Xavier

    Thank you! Works fine on my computer.

  • Williams Wieczorek

    Yessss!! definitely will share this trainer! thanks a lot discovercheats!

  • MaxS618

    thanks. it works perfectly so far.

  • Conrad Mcilrath

    my friend just told me that this trainer is free and working. so glad i’ve tried this.

  • DOnatello NY

    great trainer for shadow of mordor!

  • Wilfred Foos

    good trainer for middle earth.

  • Harold V.

    Thanks for the trainer! good job on this one!

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    thank you!

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    thanks a lot for this amazing trainer!

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    wow! great!

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  • Merlin Litle

    This trainer is really amazing!

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    its still working.. thanks!

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    got the trainer! Thanks

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    Thank you!

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