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    Verline Amico

    Very nice hack! Very nice video tutorial!! Thanks !!! 🙂

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      Trungchanh Doan


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    Someone just shared this on FB. I just tried it.. Sooo lucky it really does work!! 🙂

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      Yep! already got my hack tool!

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    Yey!!! Finally found a working hack for this game!! Love it! Thank you!!

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    Grace Lee

    Cool!!! Enjoying unlimited gold so far!!! Yey!! Nice Hack! Nice Video tutorial!! Thank you discovercheats!!

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    Thanks!! Very nice hack tool!!!

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    Liza Mae

    Thanks! Its safe and working! <3

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    Anh Ivory

    Cool !

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    Holli Medved

    Finally!! no need for jailbreak for this hack!! Thanks!

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    Thanks admin!

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    Alishia Souder

    I really love this hack!!! Thanks discover cheats!

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    Got mine!! Thank you soo much!! Already shared this to my friends! Spread the love! LOL! hahahah! 🙂

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    Roslyn Bernett

    Got this on FB. Sooo lucky i tried this one! enjoying it right now!! Wiiiiii!!! <3

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    Damion Burda

    A very clever idea of showing the video hack proof most especially for me who’s already tired of trying hack tools that didn’t work. and.. its worth a try because it worked!!! enjoying it right now! thank you!

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    Corie Bring

    this is soooo great!! cool!

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    Lillia Helbert

    wonderful page you have here. thanks a lot! now excited to purchase and unlock all items! lol!

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    Edmundo Wilburn

    and yes.. it is safe and working. great site admin! keep it coming!

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    Lesley Ritz

    not really into providing comments.. but for this, i’ll make an exemption. because it really does work! i can’t believe it!

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    Darci Zubia

    Just hit the bookmark button… I love this site! Thanks again!

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    Thanks dude! Awesome hack!

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    Karla Apel

    this site rocks!!!!

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    Carlota Benford

    this is perfect! great tool you have here

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    Vikki D

    Thanks a lot!

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    Ha Yen

    oh! why did I only saw this now???? Thank you so much admin!

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    Ha Yen


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    Gaye Hathorn

    a perfect way to end the day! so great! thanks admin

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    Carry Maness

    I gave you 5 stars for being so awesome!

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    Yvone Angel

    excellent! I just love the game more because of this hack tool! lol!

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    Venice Mcglynn

    Nice!! Unlimited Gold!!! Sooo happy!!!

  31. 31

    Ladon James

    Very nice! Now it’s extremely addictive!

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    I’m now rank advancing faster. cool!

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    Sofia Mcnair

    I really love this hack! <3

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    Alexis Crabtree

    Unlimited resources! Thanks a lot DC! Already shared this on FB. 🙂

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      Arden Tuma

      Yeahhhh !!! This hack helps me a lot !

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    Tommie Kearse

    Working hack for flintstones bring back bedrock!! Very good!!

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    Unlimited GOLD!!! Thanks!

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    Marquis Nobile

    Works really great!

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    Junald Algabre

    so glad this hack tool still works. Yeahh!

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    Gus Pair

    Thanks for this hack!

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    very nice flintstones hack

  41. 41


    done downloading! thanks again DC!

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    Banjoh Begrado

    Thanks a lot! Unlimited gold 🙂

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    Norma Parodi

    Yayyyy!! flintstones cheats! been searching for this one :))

  44. 44

    Jake Davis

    best and updated hack for flintstones so far!

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    Levi Delapp

    thanks so much for this hack discovercheats. so lucky that this is working on my tab.

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    Kristofer Vankeuren

    so happy this one still works! thanks!

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    working good! thanks

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    Merlin Nadler

    soooo happy. this hack still works!

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    Tyree Juares

    yahoooo!!! got it!

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    Karol Wilcoxen

    good hack for this game!

  51. 51

    Charla Pavon

    Thank you guys!

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    Edward Rothe

    yep got it

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    this app works great on my ipad!

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