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    thanks for jumping on this so fast

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    Hyyypeeed! really nice work.

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    a game that’s fun and challenging. thank you for providing the trainer!

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    Nice game and trainer. I actually recommended this to a friend.

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    Thank you for making this trainer. Hands down!

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    Jose Anotonio Ciid

    Gracias !!

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    Esto es tan increíble !! Muchas gracias !

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    Leo Matherly

    Great trainer!

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    Mark Wieder

    Thanks!! Works perfectly!! Yeahhh!!

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    Andrew Roque

    Free, safe and working trainer!!

  11. 11

    Makara Ly

    Yeahhhh!!!! So lucky to find this site!!!

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    Aurélien Dardié

    Il en vaut la peine !! Fonctionne parfaitement ! Merci!

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    Clinton Rowsey

    Works great on my laptop!!

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    Denver Wenzel

    Free trainer FTW!!! Hell yeahh!!!

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    Waggleton P. Tallylicker

    Awesome game!! Amazing trainer!! Keep it up Discovercheats!!

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    Very nice and working trainer!

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    Thanks admin!

  18. 18


    This is it!!! Wohoooo!!! It really works on my pc!! Many thanks DC !!!

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    Kishin Lucy

    Finally found a legit and free trainer for this game! Cheers!

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    Erwin Mitts

    Here we goooo!!! I’ve been waiting for this trainer!!! Thank God you’ve released it now!! Thanks discovercheats!

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    larrry crumb

    Soooo lucky to find this trainer!!! Wohooooo!! I really love this site! :))

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    asfs sa

    Thanks for this admin!

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    Hans Lorenzo

    Je joue celui-ci aussi ! Ceci est génial!

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    Drew Casto

    Update done!! Very nice trainer!

  25. 25

    Patrick Mallette

    Thanks !

  26. 26

    Tom Prescot

    All of the features are working except for unlimited party health. Does anyone here also experienced this?

    1. 26.1

      Cris Weiss

      Have you already tried to restart your computer? I also experienced this, and it seems working after i restarted my pc. You should try it too. Hope it helps.

      1. 26.1.1

        Tom Prescot

        Yeah!! Its working now. Really appreciate your response dude. Thanks!

      2. 26.1.2

        Robin Maximilian Furthersbe

        I also encountered this bug. I hope they will fixed this on the next update. I just restarted my pc though and it works fine.

  27. 27

    Guillaume Gaston

    Mon ami a partagé ça! Il ne fonctionne vraiment !

    1. 27.1


      Oui ! Je suis en train de profiter de ce droit maintenant !

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    Shawn Thurley

    This site is freaking awesome! It offers safe and working trainer!! Good job discovercheats! Cheers!

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    I just tried this one and finally found a working one! Thanks a lot!

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    John Davis

    Very nice!! I’m giving this trainer five stars!! Loads fast and updates regularly.

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    Robin Maximilian Furthersbe


  32. 32


    Excellent trainer for Dragon Age Inquisition!

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    Cezary Wróbel


  34. 34

    Adam Shuss

    5 star rating!! Why? Its working perfectly, safe, free and loads fast! Thanks a lot!!

  35. 35

    Telktera Nemo

    Download complete! Sooo excited!!

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    Je joue celui-là aussi ! Ce est génial !

  37. 37

    Cainan Anderson

    Freaking awesome! One of the best trainer so far!! I’m currently using this right now!

  38. 38

    Marcus Danger Gass

    As always discovercheats, you ROCK! Thanks a lot!!

  39. 39

    Jarred Cook

    DISCOVERCHEATS is why we can have great things. GREAT THINGS FOR EVERYONE!!! :))

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    Yeahhhh!!! Thanks a lot DC! Another great trainer!! 🙂

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    Amazing and working trainer as always! Keep it up DC!!

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    Joshua Rok Roberson

    Thanks for the Trainer update !! ^_^

  43. 44

    Mec D'ailleurs

    Merci ! Il fonctionne très bien !

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    Thank you for yet another awesome trainer
    Love your work, respect it more 🙂

  45. 46


    I believe its the health option it crashes for me as well, but only if
    not used right. If your about to go in to battle press the health option
    on, when done fighting turn it off and continue questing. Etc. This way
    it does not crash. Same for the rest if you don’t need it at that time
    turn it off and continue playing. I hope this will be fixed on the next update. 🙂

    1. 46.1


      I’m currently downloading the update for december 2014. Hope this one is fixed. 🙂

  46. 47

    John Lucas

    Another great trainer from Discovercheats! Some people just don’t know to follow and complete all the instructions. LOL! Anyways thanks again!

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    Great trainer as always!

  48. 49


    I really love this site!! All the trainers i need are all here!!

  49. 50
  50. 51


    Thanks a lot!! Works like charm!

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    Fonctionne très bien !

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    Alex Tran

    Hey Discovery Cheats, I just want to say that I’ve nothing but great
    reports about you guys and this dragon age inquisition trainer is really amazing! Thanks a lot!

  53. 54

    Arnold Holguin

    currently enjoying this trainer right now!!! THANK YOU DISCOVERCHEATS!!!

  54. 55

    Derry Andrian

    Thanks DC for this trainer!

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    Download complete!! Wohooooo!!!

  56. 57

    Mac Rosalez

    This is it!! Thanks again DC for this amazing trainer!

  57. 58

    Damon Fagen

    Very nice trainer! You guys truly rocks!

  58. 59

    Sam Wood

    Thank you so much Discovercheats!!

  59. 61

    John Smith

    Thank you once again DC for this awesome trainer!

  60. 62

    Brandon Moore

    this trainer rocks!

  61. 63

    Simon Bob

    best updated trainer for DAI !

  62. 64

    Ricky Kras

    this is really the best trainer so far!

  63. 65

    Peter Stroble

    Thank youuuu!!!

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    Awesome trainer!

  65. 67

    Brian Lantain

    Thanks D.C. peeps for all your hard work!. It does not go unnoticed no matter what people say my hat is off to you all. 🙂

    1. 67.1

      Michael Zulauf


  66. 68

    Vilacobra Leonardo

    working great so far!

  67. 69


    Trainer is working wonderfully for me.

  68. 70


    Currently using this trainer and all options are working fine. Good job DC!

  69. 71

    Ronin Chris

    thank you very much for this update discovercheats! awesome as always!

    1. 71.1

      John Dail

      yeahhhh!! so lucky to find this trainer!

  70. 72

    Carter Berumen

    this is what im looking for! thanks for this amazing trainer!

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    best and updated trainer for DA!

  72. 74

    Jeffry Peavy

    very very nice trainer as always!

  73. 75


    Oh yeahhh!! thanks for this!

  74. 76


    WOW!!! great trainer! thank you DC!

  75. 77

    Alvaro Pitchford

    Many many thanks again for this trainer discovercheats!

  76. 78

    Orval Lehner

    cool trainer! so glad this is updated and working!

  77. 79

    Joshua Supermario

    good job guys for this trainer!

  78. 80

    Ian Glueck


  79. 81


    Wow!! great trainer! yeahhh!!

  80. 82

    Shelby Ellenberger

    Still working!! thank you DC!

  81. 83


    Everything seems to be working

  82. 84


    Many thanks to Discovercheats! works great!

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    Carlton Conroy

    Thank you for this trainer!

  84. 86

    Shayne Ladd

    good trainer!

  85. 87

    Janessa Grainger

    nice and updated trainer!

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    so happy this trainer is still working and updated. thanks discovercheats!

  87. 89

    Lou Gulick

    thanks for this trainer!

  88. 90


    I just keep coming back to this site, so great that everything works perfectly!

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    Theron Deck

    thank you! good trainer!

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    Very nice! Thanks, DC!

  91. 93

    Clayton Musselwhite

    im playing this game too. thanks for the updated trainer

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    Jordon Smith

    Thank you for this updated trainer! GJ!

  94. 96

    Peter Savory

    still working trainer! Good job! thanks!

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